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how to do the splits ▶3:38
Learning the splits is so easy if u use these tips! /gymnasticsgirl1101 ▶1:47
Stretches to help you get your middle splits!!! ▶5:29
Hot Exercise Workout Stretching for Splits ! Hot Exercise ▶3:45
How to do the splits ▶1:45
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How to get your splits fast ▶8:45
Splits Attempt Fail ▶1:00
splits ▶3:59
How to do Splits ▶4:31
How to do front splits ▶2:32
My Stretching Routine For Splits! ▶8:14
Standing Splits in the Park ▶1:31
How To Do: Frog Splits ▶1:58
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Tight Middle Splits Backbend ▶1:28
showing collar bones ▶1:15
Straddle Splits , Frog Splits , Side Splits ▶1:50
how to do the splits part 2 ▶4:24
HOT Gym Flying soft Splits Stretch in Skirt ▶1:29
Center left right ▶0:19
y. gymnast stretching ▶12:51
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Stretching my split glans ▶7:16
Tips and stretches for the splits ▶6:25
How to get your side splits fast!! ▶4:15
Doing splits for a reward. ▶1:26
Gymnastics - How to do the Splits Tutorial ▶1:40
How to stretch to do the splits ▶4:17
How to Improve your Splits Flexibility! ▶2:04
stretches for splits ▶6:32
Yoga Challenge - Desafio Yoga ▶8:08
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How To Get Your Splits Down FAST With Laney! ▶1:12
Just Me Stretching 3 ▶2:55
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Stretching routine at gym: front splits (Part 2) ▶5:15
Yoga Challenge// Йога Челлендж // Elela Astashova ▶2:23
How to do the splits ▶0:37
middle split ▶7:27
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